- Meet Abigail -

I'm in the business of people.

Being in the business of people means that I must invest my time into my people. One of the main reasons I am able to achieve many of my goals and still have time with my family is thanks to incredible businesses such as HoneyBook who provides workflow management like no other! For more info on HoneyBook feel free to message me and we can set up a time to chat!

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As a creative small business owner, I can tell you one thing- life can get lonely. So much so that there may be days where you never even see the light of day. Well, thanks to my friend Natalie Franke and The Rising Tide Society, now there is a place we creatives can meet, connect, learn, and grow together in the spirit of #CommunityOverCompetition.

Interested in joining a group near you? Check out the Rising Tide Society's Tuesday's Together map to get connected!

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I always accredit my love for photography and missions to my grandmother. I know that sounds so cliche, but, it's my truth. I hardly remember a time where I was around her that she wasn't either wielding a camera or a bible. She was fearless. She was bold. She was feisty. She pushed boundaries and asked questions. She loved to read. She taught me to play cards, always snuck me gum after mom said no, and eventually, gave me my very first camera. Unfortunately, this gift that would one day be my marker on the world was passed on to me after she left this world. 
I began realizing my desire for photography in high-school. I was always the one having friends come over, dressing up, doing make overs, and creating make shift photoshoots either in my living room or throughout my neighborhood. (I would like to apologize to those that suffered through those experiences simply because they loved me!)
I had always intended to be a dental hygienist and began my college career with that goal in mind. I quickly felt the need to do something more but was unsure of what that would look like. I ventured off to a college eight hours away from home and switched my major a total of five times before realizing that my call was to Missions. I was unsure of what this would look like for me, and quite honestly, thought I would be living in a jungle on the Amazon River for the rest of my life. 
While in college, I continued forcing my friends to stand in front of my lens and eventually, started getting paid to do it. I started off just like everyone else, inexperienced. I remember the day I was asked to shoot my very first wedding. I was so excited and so nervous. I was totally unqualified. Yet, these sweet people saw something in me that would one day help me realize my value. Flash forward seven years and I am now an award winning, published, professional wedding photographer. People just kept booking me and I kept falling more in love with it with every wedding. 

No, I am not living in a jungle somewhere. My life looks very different than I once envisioned it. But what I came to learn was that my call to Missions- MY CALL TO LOVING PEOPLE- doesn't have to be in a jungle or third world country to count as Missions. I can love my people well, invest in their lives and stories, help educate and minister, and still be Missional in my career. 

I was once considered unqualified and unworthy- BUT- God qualifies the unqualified; and I am so glad He does. 


My passion for people, outdoors, and Missions has cultivated a love for travel. A desire to explore uncharted worlds and the need to photograph the beauty of the creation God has made. If you are planning a wedding or significant trip to any of these places (or others) please feel free to pack me in your suitcase and bring me along! 

NYC, NEw York
Charleston, SC
Denver, Co
Washington, Dc
ST Augustine, FL
Key West, FL

sydney, australia
Amalfi coast
The United kingdom