Kaitlin + Colby | Citronelle Wedding

I met Kaitlin at Serda's Coffee Shop in Downtown Mobile to discuss her visions for her wedding day and to learn more about the love she shared with Colby. From the moment we started talking I knew that she and her family had such a sweet spirit. I knew that I wanted to show that through the images I captured on their wedding day. I wanted to make you (the reader) feel that spirit. That love and gentleness and grace that exudes from within Kaitlin and the love she has for Colby. 

Colby was so willing and kind on the day of the wedding. You'll see that he effortlessly helped Kaitlin without instruction even if it was simply lifting her train so that she could walk more comfortably. 

I absolutely loved getting to be a part of such a beautiful moment in time. 

Thank you Kaitlin, Colby, and your families for allowing me the privilege of capturing the emotion of your wedding day.