This was going to be a post about my new office...

This was going to be a post about my new office. A post with pretty photos documenting this new fun area I get to have all to myself. This space I have dreamt of for seemingly a lifetime. 

Oh, don't worry- there will still be all the pretty photos of some of my new space. Duh. BUT- That is not shaping up to be the actual story within this post. 

Instead, I am going to highlight that little quote in my photo up there ^...


When I took this photo, it was random and had no special meaning. I mean, of course it DID have a special meaning, but nothing that just made me feel the need to take this photo. Instead, it was lying awkwardly on my desk so I picked it up and took a photo with it. 

The best thing about God is that He knows the future and I don't

Today, the struggle has been real. I have been experiencing a ton of overwhelming and often confusing emotions lately and today was nothing short of emotional. It's been a fantastic day over all. I got to meet some new clients who booked me for their gorgeous wedding next year, I went and shot a maternity session for a fellow photog and had a VW Bus and a soon-to-be daddy strumming his guitar and my hippie at soul heart was complete. 

But, what people don't see when they see me hustling and pushing out photos and work and glimpses of my life with my beautiful children is the real life; the one that goes on behind closed doors. The one with struggles and ups and downs and emotions and regret and shame and bitterness and anger and worthlessness and selfishness.... this list can go on for miles. 

I spent my evening after my photoshoot talking with a friend I am mentoring in photography. We ate pasta and sat and talked for what felt like hours- husbands, it was only 40 minutes ;) - but it felt so good to have someone to talk with. Someone who could see the gunk laying behind those closed doors and was willing to share some of their own struggles too. Real friends are too few and far between if you ask me

I got home from this busy evening and the husband wanted some alone time after wrangling the kids and dealing with an issue with our AC and so I headed into my new office to upload these pretty photos and share my new exciting moment with you all. Then, I saw the photo. "HE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH". 

It clicked that this was not going to be about my office. That nothing in life is really ever about what it seems. That I needed this reminder tonight after struggling with the emotions of recent life and feeling like something is missing. I needed to remember that HE IS ENOUGH and that because I am His, I AM ENOUGH. 

"For I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

I no longer am bound to my past, my decisions, my regret. I am also NOT STUCK in any current situation I feel like I can't find victory in. FOR GOD CAN DO ALL THINGS. I don't have to be perfect or worthy or enough. HE IS ENOUGH. 

He is enough for you too. If you want to talk- I want to listen. We can cry together. We can find victory together. Life is hard and it is not meant to be done alone. <3


Now- here are some pretty photos of my office. 

Abigail Wellinghurst

Abigail Wellinghurst Photography, Spanish Fort , USA