The Huckabees | Fall Family Photos | Dade City, Florida


I have had the pleasure of photographing this family ever since I was even just slightly interested in photography. They have had to stand in front of my lens out of obligation many times before, though they will tell you they wanted to, they weren't forced to. (It's totally because they were forced to!) 

You see, Aaron is my brother so he has no choice. Tiffany married into the family just before I got my first "real" camera-- a Canon Rebel XS (lol)-- and they have been my muse ever since. It started when they were first pregnant with Adelyn- their eldest and it just never stopped. 

They have always cheered me on, supported me, modeled for me, and invested in me and I am so honored that after all of these years they intentionally CHOOSE me! 

These photos are not perfect but they are real, which is exactly what Tiffany wanted. They show the expressions these babes give on a daily basis-- and let me tell you, I am convinced that the saddest photo in existence is in this set. (Just scroll, you'll see it)

I love these people with all of my heart for so many reasons. 

<3 - Abigail