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Laurel + Bradley
Engaged | Downtown Mobile, Alabama

I am not sure if words can describe the love and excitement I have for this precious family. I have not had the pleasure of knowing them for a long time, but the short time I have has been a blessing. They are the type of people that make you feel like you have been best friends for life and you can't help but want to spend more time with them. 

Laurel and Bradley met a while back when Laurel moved back home from Nashville. She was starting a State Farm office in Saraland and Bradley had just started the Mobile Young Entrepreneurs chapter. When Laurel joined the group, Bradley was unaware of her career and as it would turn out, Bradley was an insurance agent himself-- for a competing company, Alfa Insurance, in the same town. 

They started their relationship off with a bit of competition and business talk and eventually it lead to dating. They knew pretty quickly that they were meant to spend their lives together and still to this day operate competing insurance companies while finding ways to support and encourage the other. Talk about #communityovercompetition! 

Bradley has the most precious, energetic, fun loving daughter, Kleighton (pronunciation: CLAY-TON) and I instantly fell in love with her spunky attitude (and Lily dress!- it had pockets and she was thrilled with that) 

It's clear that these people love each other and I am so honored to be a part of this time in their lives. 

Laurel & Bradley will be tying the knot in Costa Rica next Feburary and I CAN'T WAIT!