Bethany + Tommy | Lake Mary's Event Center | Orlando, Florida Wedding Photographer


Bethany & Tommy have got to be one of my favorite couples I have ever known. Sometimes, life doesn't work out the way you'd like and then all of a sudden something clicks and the missing pieces of your puzzle start coming together. This couple is the real life example of this. 
They met on a dating site & when they went out for their first date, they ended up at Target shopping the three dollar isle & putting on Halloween masks. Tommy swears this is when he knew Bethany was the one. She realized the same thing when on their third date, Tommy purchased his own annual pass to Disney World and that was where they spent the majority of their date nights from that point forward. In fact, quickly after they began dating, Bethany broke not one, but BOTH of her feet and Tommy STILL took her to Magic Kingdom regularly and pushed her around. 

It was only fitting that he would proceed to propose to her at Disney and then we followed that up with an engagement session in Magic Kingdom later on! 

Flashing forward to the wedding- 

Bethany is a planner by nature and had everything nailed down to a t. She had seating charts and hotel rooms blocked for all of her guests. She was ready for anything. Anything EXCEPT A HURRICANE. Yep, that's right folks. Hurricane Irma decided to come through the weekend of Bethany and Tommy's wedding and threw everyone for a loop. Nevertheless, the wedding continued and honestly, it was gorgeous. It was the most beautiful, fun, and heart felt wedding I have gotten to be a part of in such a long time and getting to work with a couple that I have gotten to become such good friends with was a total blessing. 

The sky was clear for most of the morning and everyone was in good spirits. The rain decided to hit sometime during and right after the ceremony but we made the best of it and literally danced in the rain. One thing I was super excited about though was that just after Bethany & Tommy's first dances, the rain stopped and the sun was setting on the lake and they snuck out with me for a few quick snaps and it was magical. 

Bethany & Tommy- there is so much I could say here but the most important of it all is this- please never lose the excitement you have for one another right now. Please take these images and all of the memories they hold for you and keep them close by so that on the days when life is hard and MARRIAGE gets tough you can look back and remember who you are together and that having fun and loving one another is top priority. 

I love you guys. Thank you so much. 
-Cheers to you!- 

Assistant Photographer/ Shawna Meadors
Venue/ Lake Mary's Event Center