Peterson-Martin Wedding | Mobile Alabama Wedding Photographer

Kristin and Jimmy

These two are some of the most genuine and hilarious people I have met since coming to Alabama! Our engagement session together was so much fun that we laughed the entire time, so, I knew the wedding day would be a blast! 

Kristin and her girls all giggled and reminisced while getting ready in their Battle House Hotel suite in Downtown, Mobile as Rachel and I captured the beautiful details leading up to the most important moment of Kristin's life. Once everyone was dressed and ready to go, we went up to the balcony of The Battle House and Kristin spent her last moments as a single woman with her family, again, laughing the entire time! The rain tried to get us but thankfully it just sprinkled for a few minutes and let up just long enough for us to get our shots and head out to the ceremony chapel. 

When we got to Saint Ignatius Chapel in Mobile, Rachel and I met up with the guys. I always love feeling out how brides and grooms are feeling in the moments leading up to the ceremony. Most of the time there are butterfly's and the good kind of nerves and occasionally couples are a little more than nervous, but these two were absolutely serine. They were both individually so excited to begin the next chapter of their lives together. 

The ceremony was so intimate and sweet. When it was over the family and friends in attendance rushed outside to hug and love on both Kristin and Jimmy. One of my favorite moments after a ceremony is seeing parents of the bride and groom welcoming their new child into their hearts for good. 

The love and joy these two have is radiant in every photo and their families being so supportive and excited for them is such a sweet and rare blessing to have. 

Once we got to the reception, the rain began to pour for about 15 minutes and when it let up, the light and sky was absolutely gorgeous! My all time favorite shots from this day are of Kristin and Jimmy just after the rain let up and they were playing in the road on the golf course. The party was so much fun as Figure 8 (the band) played some jiving music. The guests danced all night long and at the end, everyone gathered their bushwhackers and their feathers and headed out to send off this incredible couple into the new journey of their lives.

Thank you Kristin and Jimmy for allowing me into your lives!