Sarah Hicks | Editorial | Fairhope, Al Photographer

Sarah Hicks

Editorial | Fairhope, Alabama


I absolutely love how things just seem to fall into place-even if it is right at the last minute! 

This weekend I had gone to the floral warehouse to get a few things for some personal needs. However I ended up with some extra florals that weren't going to be used so I threw them into a bouquet and blasted facebook for someone to wear a pretty dress and model them. I had a few inquiries and I wish I could have used everyone-but- one in particular stood out. I wasn't even sure I still wanted to shoot when Saturday morning rolled around but I had gotten a response from a member of my Rising Tide Tuesday's Together group that I hadn't met yet. 

I knew pretty instantaneously that I wanted to get to know this girl plus any chance to spend time with my fellow RTS friends is a bonus! I met up with Sarah in Fairhope, Alabama on Saturday morning and unlike the awkward conversations I typically resort to having with new friends- we pretty much instantly hit it off. She was an AWESOME model and was so relaxed that it took any posing anxiety away. We laughed and talked about travel and Jesus and shopping and food. (What more could you possibly want from a conversation!?) 

Once the shoot was over and we were starving enough to eat anything in sight, we sat down, ate a burger, and then hit the shops of Fairhope. Seriously you guys- we shopped for about 8 hours on Saturday and she did it all in heels. The only other person I know who can pull that off is Emili. I have some pretty rad friends. She even got a couple snaps of me and I had Chloe with us so Chloe had her own little mini-shoot as well! (duh!) 

Anyway- once I got home I told my husband about my day and how I was so excited to have made a new friend who could shop just as much as me! His response? "Uh-oh. So she's like best friend material, huh?" haha! Anyone who can shop for 8 hours, loves art and photography, can eat a burger and talk Jesus is a pretty good friend in my book! 

So- Here's to my new friend! She has some pretty incredible watercolor skills and DOES take freelance work so be sure to hit her up on IG and check out her stuff!  

IG: @sarahnoelle013