Holland Farms | Photographer's Shoot Out

Holland Farms | Photographer's Shoot-Out

Have you guys heard of The Rising Tide Society? If you read my blog or follow my work, then I am sure the answer is "Yes"! For those of you who maybe haven't, be sure to click over to their site and learn more about who they are and what they've done for the creative industry. The society itself has local groups world wide who meet up once a month to promote and build community in the creative small business world.

I have the pleasure of being the local leader for the Mobile/Baldwin County area and just a few miles down the road is a rocking group in Pensacola. Their group leader- Rae Marshall (an incredible photographer!)- organized a group shootout for all to come and photograph one another for fun. There were sunflower fields, cotton fields, pumpkins, and a killer sunset. Rachel Graham and myself headed out to the shoot a little late and because of that we lost out on the opportunity to photograph so many other incredible and talented creative business owners, but, I did get to capture a few great shots of Rae, Erika Smith (Indie Pearl Photography) and her daughter, Rachel, and Chloe! 


Venue- Holland Farms

Abigail Wellinghurst

Abigail Wellinghurst Photography, Spanish Fort , USA