Skylar's First Birthday | Family & Cake Smash | Spanish Fort, Al

Every now and then, I find myself reminiscing on the past. Okay it's more often than "every now and then". I usually think it's funny how time changes things. It changes people, situations, relationships... everything. I bring this up because I actually met Sarah- Skylar's mother- in college at The Baptist College of Florida. While I knew who she was and was acquaintances with her, I knew nothing about her. She started school there after I had entered my "Hermit" mode. I was jaded to the school and the people attending the school and after a few years of being 100% involved in everything the school had to offer, I sank into a shell and only spent time with a handful of people. 

After college I moved around and eventually ended up in the Daphne area. That move came when I discovered I was pregnant with Chloe and Kyle and I were starting to attempt to figure out our lives as a team. By that time, Sarah and her then husband had moved to the Daphne/Fairhope area where Sarah's family was from. It wasn't until I realized Sarah was in the area and I had no friends that I decided to break out of my shell and timidly reach out to her. 

I am so thankful that I did because now Chloe has a friend in Skylar-which by the way is one of MY best friends names!- And I have a friend in Sarah. (and vice-versa) 

It has not been the easiest of years for Sarah and Skylar but it is looking up quickly! Sarah's baby girl is turning ONE this weekend, Sarah and Thomas Ray are absolutely in love, and they make quite a cute family! I am so thankful that he stepped in and decided to love the two of them unconditionally and faithfully! 

Skylar Michelle, 

You have no idea how much you are loved and how much light you bring into this world. I know your mother couldn't be more proud! One day you will look back on these photos and know that you are treasured and valuable. 

Happy Birthday Big Girl!