Carlen and Andrew| Engaged| 5Rivers Spanish Fort AL

Every once in a while I get clients who allow me to express my vision in whatever way I see fit. Carlen and Andrew met me on an early Tuesday morning and loaded up in two canoes and paddled out to a location off of the Delta River where there were American Lotus flowers in full blossom. I stumbled (well not really) upon these flowers on my rehearsal dinner tour. I asked the cruise director then and there what the possibility was of me doing an engagement session out on the water in the Lotus Flower patch. He assured me it would be no problem, the only thing I needed was a couple.  Well, as you can imagine, when I began speaking with Carlen & Andrew's wedding coordinator and she mentioned they were getting married at 5 Rivers, I knew then and there that this session was meant for them. 

You see, the Lotus Flower has many meanings, most of which revolve around the fact that their beauty can only blossom within the murky, dirty, difficult places that most flowers cannot grow in. Lotus Flowers represent new growth, beauty in pain, victory in defeat, new life after death. 

No matter what way you put it, there is no denying the Lotus' beauty in the murky waters. 

This meant so much to me for this couple specifically because when I first received the phone call inquiring about my availability for their wedding, I was let in on a vital piece of information. Carlen's father had just passed away. She and her soon to be husband Andrew were planning to marry in the hospital so that he could witness it, but that unfortunately was unable to happen. They decided to have a wedding and went into planning it full swing. 

Carlen and Andrew are finding the beauty and strength in the difficult moments. 

They are to be wed this Saturday at 5 Rivers and I simply cannot wait!