Jordan and Blaine | Couples Model Call

Recently. I posted an ad that I was looking for a few models for a model call. There was a great response and for the couples model call, we selected Jordan and Blaine. Jordan and Blaine have been dating for four years and are both beautiful inside and out. 

I had a very specific style in mind for this session. I wanted it to be soft and romantic, moody, vintage, and authentic. I wanted it to be art. Not just a photo. 

I was able to get my hands on a few gowns from The Timeless Bride of Mobile, AL. At The Timeless Bride, you will find gowns from centuries ago as well as last seasons bridal gowns that have gone to consignment. They have everything from jewelry to head pieces to lace up bridal boots that you would see in old western films. Needless to say, I was in love the moment I entered the boutique. 

For Jordan, I selected two gowns- one superbly detailed and bridal, the other soft, flowy, and flirty. 

Here are some of the results of such a wonderful session!