Aaron & Tiffany| Family and Surprise Vow Renewal| South Florida

As I sit here trying to decide what to write about this couple, family, photosession... I am simply at a loss for words. The two of these people have been a part of my life from the beginning-well at least Aaron was and Tiffany came along shortly after. They have seen the good and the bad in my life. They have shared heartbreaks and excitement with me. Tiffany has listened to my cry over the influential-and mostly awful-relationships I've been in while Aaron quietly whispers "Who do I need to shoot? Tell me and they're gone". (He's only been serious once or twice... haha) In fact, one of the big family jokes is when Aaron actually shot ME. Yes, he shot his own sister. On accident... but it still happened. DISCLAIMER- kids, this is why you don't play with guns or sneak out of the house to annoy your big brother when you're supposed to be doing homework. 

They have experienced their own heartbreaks and trying times and for those, they have become an example for how to love and trust God in the darkness. In those moments that seem utterly hopeless. In the moment when Aaron flat-lined because the cancer took over his body. And in the moment that the doctors revived him and he now is cancer free and has two baby girls to show for it. 

Tiffany was my matron-of-honor in my wedding last month and she went above and beyond to make everything perfect. She worked her fingers to the bones for months before the wedding. She crafted the details, HAND MADE a wire name hanger for me(with the help of Aaron), and listened to me vent about every little thing that drove me crazy about wedding planning. 

I could never say thanks enough to the two of them for everything they've always done for me. My only hope is that the gift I've been given to capture moments will be enough to show them love in return. 

I wanted so desperately to do something in return to Tiffany for all of the hard work she had done for my wedding. Their 10th wedding anniversary was literally days before my wedding and Tiffany had made jokes about doing a vow renewal but there just wasn't time to do it. Because I had to go to South Florida just days after my wedding for some photography sessions, I was able to conceive a plan to give her what she wanted. I spent an evening planning and gathering flowers for a bouquet and gave Aaron a call while he was out and about and let him in on the fact that I was planning a surprise vow renewal for them. They already planned on coming to my parents home to visit and do a family session so I just incorporated it into that. My parents were on board and my dad prepared a Vow Renewal Ceremony, I purchased a white lace dress for Tiffany to change into as her second outfit, and I had her bring her daughters flower girls outfits from my wedding to wear. 

The session began and we ventured out into some woods across from my parent's home. We did some family shots and then Tiffany went back up to change. My dad came out and my mom helped entertain the girls (all while holding a naked and hot baby Chloe). Tiffany came back out and started changing the girls into their white dresses so that we could get some shots of them "styled". After we did a few snaps of them together, I had mom (try to) take the girls and entertain them while I got some shots of just Aaron and Tiffany. My dad had a bouquet hidden behind his back and I handed it to her and said "here, this is for you". She started to get a skeptical smile on her face and as dad walked behind the two of them, she said " Wait, is this for real? Is this really happening?!". 

It was one of the sweetest moments. 


Aaron and Tiffany, thank you for all you do, have done, and will continue to do for me and our family.

I love you. Always have, always will.