Emili | 1920's Inspired Styled Session | Mobile, Al

How many times do we as artists feel stifled in our creativity? I know that I do. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and Weddings and Seniors are my favorite sessions because I have the most freedom with how I work; but there are so many times I am left wanting more. More from my clients, more from my photos, more from my art in general. I have inspirational photographers who I follow and wish with all my heart that I could somehow, someday, be as inspirational as they are. 

I am so incredibly thankful for the people I have in my life who let me get my artistic needs met through them. Emili is a new friend but a great one and not only is she a great friend, she is a great model. That comes in handy for us both! She needs the creative outlet of styling and designing and I need the creative outlet of shooting and editing. She allows me to do whatever vision I have regardless of how uncomfortable or awkward it may be. 

Today, she walked around Downtown Mobile, Alabama in a vintage goodwill dress that was covered in beading and strutted four inch heels just for these shots. She let me do her makeup- of which she never even wears because she is so naturally beautiful!- and she even brought me Starbucks! 

Thank you Em for letting me create with you. 

We found this dress and a few more at Goodwill in perfect condition. It is absolutely stunning! 

Hair- Emili Schirle

Make-up- Abigail Huckabee

Model- Emili Schirle


Location- Saenger Theatre- Downtown Mobile, Al