Chloe Alexis| 15 Weeks

Be still, my heart. That's all I can say when I think of how quickly this girl is growing and how much she is learning. Today, she found her feet and hasn't let them go. She does this sweet little sigh when she's in the middle of drinking her bottle and is getting sleepy. In fact, she just did it as I typed that sentence. I wish that I could video every moment of every day and never let the moments go. She rolls over on her belly and gets stuck... and screams... and I roll her back over... and she immediately rolls back on her belly. She cracks me up. It isn't often that I find myself frustrated with her. That doesn't mean I am never frustrated, she just isn't the cause of that frustration. We get great sleep for having a three month old. She's beautiful and smart and sweet and funny and oh, so innocent. If I had only one lesson to tell her and her actually follow it, it would be to hold on to your innocence. Don't let it go. Stay pure and sweet and no matter how many people and situations hurt you, always see the good. Always tell the truth, always be true to whoever you are and always pursue the dreams for you to become whoever you want to be. I am so grateful for you and for everything you teach me every day. I am learning how to cook (slowly) and I am starting to truly try to eat healthy because I want to set an example for you. I love you more than you can possibly ever know. 

Now that the sap is over... Chloe and I went to the beach for her very first beach trip a few days ago & I wanted to share some of those images with you all! 

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