& If Not.

Dan 3:18

Dan 3:18

It's been a while since I last posted. I try hard not to just spam you all with mindless rantings but to share the thoughts that are deep on my heart and mind. 

Today I feel is a good time to share, as I tend to only truly desire to write when things get a little more difficult than they normally tend to be. 

This week has gone so NOT according to plan. Like, literally nothing has gone right.  I spent most of the week complaining about the things going wrong and just wallowing in self-pity. It was pretty pathetic. 

Yesterday I was pretty convicted about a number of things. One being all of the time I invested into Facebook instead of my family, marriage, business, and household. I decided that Facebook could handle my absence for the duration of the holidays. I deactivated my personal account and switched my business page over to a friend so that it could still be up and generate traffic while not consuming my life. 

As of today, I have caught myself going to open facebook and realizing that it was gone off of my phone. I can honestly say, although it has only been 24 hours, I am not missing it. 

If you flash forward to today, I have a number of things that have not gone according to plan. 

1) I woke up late after Karaoke with Kyle at his work Christmas party last night. 

2) Because I woke up late I couldn't take Chloe to the Christmas parade or to meet Santa. 

3) Things got rough in the love department.

4) I somehow managed to hurt my finger an hour before I had a mini-session. 

5)  I was distracted at the mini-session due to the personal happenings and I am sure it showed. 

6) I went to the walk-in clinic to skip the ER crowd to check out my finger. I broke it. Still not quite sure how. 

7) I resorted to eating McDonalds for dinner... ugh. 

8) Chloe has been fussy and fighting sleep since the moment I walked in the door. 


All reasonable things to be upset about. Especially my finger. But I got to thinking... it isn't all bad and if I expect it to get better it has to start with the attitude I choose to carry. 

Things I have to be happy about: 

1) Elf just came on. 

2) My finger will heal. 

3) Today's clients were so sweet and although I was distracted I managed to get some great shots. 

4) Kyle ordered pizza- take that McDonalds! 

5) Chloe is asleep for now. 

6) The house is reasonably clean. 

7) Our Christmas cards arrived today and they look awesome. 

8) Christmas is next week! 

So see, there are always things to counteract the negative. It's about perspective. 

I started thinking about what all could have gone right and how I would've felt. I realized that there may be things that I wouldn't have liked if all had gone according to plan. I always believe that things happen for a reason. And ultimately, scripture taught me that a man has his own plan but the Lord directs his path. 

So.... things could go according to my plan or not. But when they don't it doesn't change God's goodness and plan for my life. 

Hence the pretty little words at the top of the blog.