Brandi + Justin | Couples 2015 | Mobile, Al

Brandi + Justin


I love love stories. Not particularly Disney Fairytales... okay, yes I do... but I am currently referring to those love stories that are real. That are unlikely. The one's that are unexpected. 

This is one of those. 

Let me back track for a moment + tell you how I became to know Brandi and this love story. 

I was a lonely girl in a new town. I had just discovered I was pregnant and I was trying to plug into a church locally. I decided to go to a conference the church was hosting in hopes of making a friend or two. As I sat down in an awkwardly packed room and just watched people walk by, someone walked up to me and said "Are you here alone too?" -spoiler alert- It was Brandi. 

She went out of her comfort zone to talk to me because she was feeling pretty lonely herself. She shared with me some personal stories about her life and we began to connect. We went to lunch... went bowling once on a double date... went to lunch some more... and as I began this friendship I also began to discover who Brandi was- or who she was becoming. 

She had ended a pretty big relationship after moving home from Texas. She was searching for real connections. She was not into the idea of a relationship. She believed in bettering her life. 

Flash forward. 

One day I went to lunch with Brandi and she told me that some ladies from a group of hers had told her that they believed she was about to get married. She was single at the time and thought they were crazy. She lived in Downtown Mobile at the time and one night had gone out of her comfort zone to see a band at a local pub. There she ran into some friends who happened to know someone else who had shown up to the show. This is where we meet Justin. Justin and Brandi began talking and immediately hit it off. They became pretty close friends fairly quickly and within a few weeks had spent countless hours with each other getting to know each other. Brandi was naive and was viewing things from a friend perspective because she had been interested in an out-of-town fellow and Justin had known that and respected that. 

They met for a drink one day before Brandi had to go to a wedding as a bridesmaid. It was then that Justin mentioned that he was going to marry Brandi. She laughed it off and thought nothing of it. As she was heading to the wedding she thought more about what he had said. She realized that this was the moment that the ladies in her group were talking about. That this was the man she was going to marry and she never even saw it coming. 

Brandi texted Justin and told him that she decided she really was going to marry him. When she got back into town a few days later and they met, Justin proposed to Brandi in the same spot that they met that first night. They were planning to have a wedding but they decided that while they were on vacation they were going to elope! 

So now I get to share with you the photographs of their couples session that would have been their engagement session! (I wish I could have photographed the elopement!) 

They are planning to have their wedding "reception" this weekend at the same pub they met and got engaged at! 

I told you, I love love. 


Vendor: The Blind Mule- Downtown Mobile, Alabama