Chloe Alexis | 8 Months Old | Spanish Fort

There are seasons in life that are mountain tops and valleys. I love the word seasons. It symbolizes the need for change. When I think of seasons, I think of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Two seasons are known for their warmth and beautiful new life where as the other two are known for their cool temperatures and changing leaves. Those leaves that are changing color are dying and will then be brought back to life come spring. There is a need for death, harvesting, cultivating, digging up the roots, breaking through the tough rocky dirt to get to the rich soil being prepared for bringing in new life. 

My personal favorite season is Fall. I love the weather. I love the clothes- and boots! I love the drinks and the feel of togetherness as it welcomes in the two biggest family holidays of the year- Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I love that it for me, brings this peace. This feeling that no matter what I am facing, a mountain top or a valley, that it is time for change. For the old to be taken away and new life to begin. I am simply a happier person in the fall. My creativity comes alive, my passions take flight, and my heart is filled with excitement and love. I wish that it were fall ALL YEAR ROUND. But if that were the case it probably wouldn't be as magical and meaningful to me as it is now. 

In honor of my love for all things fall, I woke up this morning and drug Chloe out to a field by our home. She is kind of the cutest kid & I have not done a very good job at keeping the blog or social media updated on her monthly photos. 


These are a bit late, but she turned 8 months old a few days ago and I wanted to capture a little sneak peek of her personality for you all to see. 


I love you, baby girl.