The last days...

We are coming into the last few days before Chloe Alexis will be here in our arms. On Wednesday we have an ultrasound to see how big she is and if she is going to decide to drop on her own or if they will need to induce. Please be in prayer for whatever is best for my baby girl! 

In the meantime, I realized that I have been so focused on everyone else's sessions that I haven't taken any time for my own! So I convinced Kyle to be my photographer for the afternoon and I now have some maternity images of my own! I must say, despite my concern and paranoia... he did an AWESOME job on the photos! 

These are just a few of my favorites from the session, but if you want to see them all you can go on over to:


Family & friends who are wanting copies of their own: if you follow that link at the top ( you can sign up for Pass and from there you can download the photos and print them through pass or wherever you'd prefer! 

<3 Abigail.