A glimpse into my world...

(sorry mom... this just really captures the feel of this blog.)

(sorry mom... this just really captures the feel of this blog.)

Well, I have officially begun maternity leave and in doing so I have been given lots of time to work on some personal sessions. I am sure all my fellow photogs can relate to the lost images of family and friends that seem to get buried under the piles of sessions. Tonight I was able to go back through some images from the holidays that I got to take with my family. They have been previously posted but never been edited. I am so excited to share the beauty of the wonderful family that God has blessed me with. Trust me, these images are WORTH some "oohs" and "ahhs"!

   Here is a little bit of a back story to my family and our journey together: 

Mom & Dad: Senior Pastor & Middle School Teacher. They just celebrated their 37th anniversary. They had Aaron in '82 and adopted me (the chosen one) in '90. 

Aaron and Tiffany: Met at youth group in highschool. Aaron somehow woo'ed her... we are all still trying to figure out how. They have been married for going on 10 years and survived a bout of testicular cancer and have two beautiful girls to prove that God still preforms miracles. 

Adelyn & Anastyn: small beautiful tufts of skin who laugh and play and run and cry and eat and sleep(sometimes) and bring the most joy to my family thus far. Adelyn is three and Anastyn is one.

Jack & Kim: Tiffany's parents. Raised three children. Tiffany, Christopher, and Connor.  All brilliant, beautiful, and successful. They are military. They are strong. They are goofy. We love them. 

Kyle and Abigail(Me!): We are newly engaged. We are soon to be parents to a baby girl. We are learning as we go. We accept all the unconditional love we can get because we need it. 

My family has been my rock and support for my entire life but I never saw the full extent of their love until this past year. They have shown what true love is and that it is possible to display it even when it isn't easy and people don't deserve it. 

It is such an honor to get to show some love to my incredible family. 

I mean, come on, they're kind of awesome... right?